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Post by EFA on Thu Aug 18, 2011 5:30 pm

Hay there im new to here and stuff so i hope i will love my stay here and make tons of friends and stuff al thew im kinda confused on what to do and stuff but i guess when joining any sit its always confusing at first well let me tell you about my self :>

my name is EFA i live in Canada i love art and video games all i can say for now

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Post by Digidude123 on Thu Aug 18, 2011 5:31 pm

CANADA Very Happy

welcome to the enterprise.

a welcome bot will reply shortly to tell you what to do :3

Welcome Bot:

Getting Started:
To start out, don't use internet explorer with Project Nyoka. Project Nyoka was not made to run in that web browser, so you won't get the full effect. Google Chrome, Safari, Fire Fox, and Opera are all other web browsing options if you don't know any, and are free to download. Now, I'll assume you want to get some new pets? In order to do this, click on the planet icon in your toolbar and you'll be taken to see the Nyokan Solar System. There are lots of planets there, but the only one that is open to the public at the moment is Zeima (the large blue one). Click it, and you'll be taken to a large screen showing the planet. There are several different biomes you may visit: desert, tundra, forest, grassland, and water. Each different location has its own unique creatures that live there. Upon clicking the biomes, you may see three egg icons with descriptions beneath them - if you click on one of those, you'll adopt your first new creature! If there are no creatures currently in that biome, you'll see nothing and may move backwards to choose a different one. (To find out which description is for which creature you might want to resort to looking at this section and finding the appropriate topic.) Another option for getting new creatures is the pound. There is no commonly available direct link to the pound, and if you would like to access it, you need only visit a biome; if a creature is in the pound for adoption there will be a link to it above the usual text. Once in the pound, you may adopt by simply clicking the creature you would like. There is a limit to owning five alphas at a time.
How to Grow Creatures:
Now that you've adopted your creatures, you'd probably like to be able to see them. In order to visit your creatures, click on the eye icon in your toolbar (located to the left of the planet icon). Now that you can see all of your creatures, you need to help them grow, to quickly embed all of your creatures, click the text "Use this to help your creatures grow!" located just above the viewing screen. Once you've checkmarked the boxes of all of the creatures you wanted to click, select "BBCode" - that's what is most commonly used in forums (if BBCode isn't working on the site you're trying to put them on - switch to HTML). Now you'll see two options: level up via image and level up via click. Both have their perks and downfalls. If you select level up via image, nobody needs to click them, but they'll only obtain one level per view. If you instead choose level up via click, in order to level up they need to be clicked, but they obtain two levels per every separate click. A creature will grow from Alpha to Beta in sixty levels, from Beta to Delta in an additional forty levels, and from Delta to Omega in another sixty levels.
More Information:
Here's some quick information about each creature's stage: a creature in its egg or baby stage is known as an "Alpha," once they hatch, they're known as a "Beta," when they have been gendered, they're known as a "Delta," and once they've finally reached their final stage, they're known as "Omegas." In order to reach the Omega stage, you'll have to use the previously mentioned codes to get clicks; there is a limit of sixty interactions for a creature in twenty-four hours, and one person may click it once every twelve hours. Using the level up via image option means that the creature will be able to reach the Beta stage, but will then have to wait to grow up further, whereas using the level up via click option allows it to grow into the Delta stage before reaching the daily limit. A quick note: if you visit your creature's page, there is an "actions" drop-down menu in which you may name, kill, describe, breed, bond, neotonize, or abandon your creature. Neotony means to simply freeze your creature, stopping its growth completely and abandoning simply means you'll drop it in the pound; these options are not available for Omegas. On the other hand, breeding and bonding are two options available only to Omegas. If you click "breed" a list of compatible creatures will appear and you may breed it to produce a new Alpha; "bonding" a creature essentially makes them married and they'll only breed with each other.
Click Me?:
Now that you know the basics, a good place to get started out on clicks is the click thread in site discussions. Only Nyokan creatures are allowed to be posted there; there is another click thread for non-Nyokan creatures in General Discussion. Using other forums where you can put your creatures in your signature is helpful but you'll be okay without doing that. (It does potentially net you some additional clicks though.) Don't forget to click other people's creatures and earn some platinum points! (Which will later be useful for buying things.)
Where to get what creature:

Now this section will just have where to get what creature so you can complete your creature collection! (Note this will only list creatures available in biomes)
Ainekus- Grasslands and Forest (Zeima)
Silver Forest Millipedes Forest (Zeima)
Tinged Nightime Crawler River and Forest (Zeima)
False Flower Spider Grasslands and Forest (Zeima)
Flashback Lizards Desert (Zeima)
Majestic Icewolf Tundra (Zeima)
Haystack Monster Tundra (Zeima)
Glass Lizard Desert (Zeima)
Iraukiji River (Zeima)
Plainsbeast Grassland (Zeima)
Hydrurgan Orca Arctic (Zeima)

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